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Caucasus International University


Caucasus International University has been functioning since 1995. The university successfully underwent the institutional accreditation in 2005 and 2007.

Reforms and novelties of education system were duly reflected in the fields of education and scientific-research. University works purposefully. Student’s professional development and the studying process are provided by highly-qualified staff, professors and lecturers. In order to prepare highly qualified specialists, “Caucasus International University” offers to its students the innovative teaching technologies.

The following novelties were established at University: new educational programs and studying courses were elaborated. Currently the university offers a wide variety of degree programs at: Bachelor’s, Master’s, certified Medical Doctor’s and certified Dentist educational programs.

For now the interdisciplinary programs, educational and research laboratories are in the process of creation. The aforementioned is the basis for the recognition of the educational programs of the university and its integration into European educational community. Modern current technological equipment gives us opportunity to hold video conferences, introduce distance learning and to have direct contacts with various educational and scientific centres all over the world.

University takes into account all students’ demands in order to increase the quality of education which is achievable by their active participation in evaluation of academic process. The library is equipped with modern electronic technologies and literature that encourages students’ professional development.

“Caucasus International University” has close relations with international organizations operating in Georgia, state institutions and private companies. Within the framework of the program “Invited Guests”, the students are given opportunity to establish contacts with the representatives of political, business and non-governmental organizations that has positive impact on their future employment. Students are fully free in the fields of research and studying; also there is a student self-government organization at University.

Under the active participation of the academic personnel and students, the University determines main priorities for education and research fields. The University also publishes the scientific journal “Caucasus International University Herald”, students’ journal “student zone” and university students’ magazine “Binuli”.

Caucasus International University cooperates with Odlar Yurdu University (Baku), Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) Qafqaz University (Baku), Suleyman Demirel University and Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Italy).

The main goal of this cooperation is to share educational and scientific experiences, establish close links between students and professors and to have participation opportunity in the conferences, lectures, symposia, seminars – that are all focused on intercultural dialogue and the basis of integration.

Missions and Goals 

Caucasus International University is an educational, scientific-research and cultural hearth, which represents an obvious case of regional Caucasian cooperation. The University mission is to support development of the Caucasus region and multidimensional regional cooperation, create a common economic space of the Caucasus, develop a relevant economic infrastructure, establish the Caucasian civil society and an adequate integration of the Caucasus region into world social-economic space.

The University ensures these processes with help of highly-qualified human resources.

The main capital of Caucasus International University is a highly-qualified staff and fixed schedule of cooperation. The University, in a classical and traditional manner, represents a corporation oriented on strategic cooperation of students, graduates and academic and administration staff. As a respectable member of the Caucasian civil society, Caucasus International University welcomes implementation of high principles of moral, consciousness and high ideals of democracy and humanism. CIU also encourages political liberalism and development and keeping of cultural inheritance.

Caucasus International University is an educational and scientific-research hearth which creates a necessary environment to receive knowledge and inculcates high-level teaching methods. The knowledge is based not just on logical but creative and critical thinking. The result of which is a free man- who is always ready to manage himself and contribute to any activity of social, political or economic institution.

Education and science infrastructure, innovative methods of teaching at Caucasus International University are intended for the service of Caucasian students and also students interested in the Caucasus region, regardless what country they are from.

Caucasus International University has been focusing on preparing of competitive human resources, whose alumni will be highly demanded on national, regional and international labour markets. CIU graduate with help of his/her education and professional skills will be in full compliance with all new requests. He/she has a personal mission, clear vision of professional development and is absolutely ready to take a respectable place in the world intellectual society. 

The goals of Caucasus International University: 

Strengthening and effectiveness of regional connections in the fields of international relations in order to make south Caucasus more attractive education centre than ever.

Our main task is:

Be closely connected to different universities and research institutions all over the world; Preparation and implementation of the mutual educational programmes where special attention will be given to the students and the academic staff exchange programmes; Promotion of the professors and young scientists, exchange of information and experience sharing in the limits of the mutual educational programmes;

The University signed memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements with the following educational institutions: 

1. Kars Caucasus University (Turkey) 

2. Crimean University for the Humanities (Ukraine) 

3. Suleyman Demirel University (Turkey) 

4. Caucasus University (Republic of Azerbaijan) 

5. Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) 

6. Romualdo Del Bianca Foundation ( Italy) 

7. Odlar Yurdu University (Azerbaijan)

Since 2007 Caucasus International University has been closely connected to Odlar Yurdu University Azerbaijan Republic, Baku. According to the cooperation agreement with Odlar Yurdu University active processes about mutual undergraduate and graduate programmes are at work.

In the limits of the given agreement was formed a memorandum of the credits mutual recognition which gives us transfer opportunities of Georgian and Azerbaijani students.

Last September in Baku, Azerbaijan was held Programme of International Symposium on Advances in Applied Mechanics and Modern Informational Technologies, co-organizer of which, together with Odlar Yurdu University, was Caucasus International University.

In 2012, at Caucasus International University has been founded Department of Innovation and Strategic Development, under the initiative of which was established the following: 

1. Laboratory of Caucasus Geopolitical Modeling 

2. Research Center of Conflicts and Peace Processes” 

3. Research Center for Human Security 

4. Career Development Center 

5. University Multimedia Center

Caucasus International University became a member of World Health Organization.(WHO-AVICENNA Directory of Medical Schools).

The University is a member of FAIMER - International Medical Education Directory “FAIMER – IMED”.

Caucasus International University is based on the oldest educational traditions existing in Academies of Ikalto and Gelati and on European high educational and scientific research methods and principles. Relationship with leading foreign universities and development of mobility allows Caucasus International University to support educational and scientific integration of Georgia all over the world.

Caucasus International University certifies its devotion to development of the main directions in European educational environment, known as The Bologna Process and The Copenhagen Declaration.

Vakhtang Tsivtsivadze - Founder, Honorary Doctor, Baku University “Odlar Iurdu”

Departments and Services 


Learning Process Management Department

Department of Human Resource Management and Administration

Financial Department

Department of Informational Technologies

Scientific Research department


International Relations Service

Public Relations Service

University Life Long Learning

Student Relations Service

Legal Service

Monitoring Service

Economic Service

Security Service


To ensure the quality of the educational process CIU uses a print and electronic version of the book fund which is in full compliance with the literature given in a teaching course (syllabi) of educational programmes.

For now the Library of Caucasus International University contains 11923 bibliographic units out of which the quantity of relevant educational programs is 7587 and which is indicated in the syllabi of educational programs, other 4336 units are auxiliary literature. The university library is provided by International Electronic Library Network.

Multimedia Center includes the following organizational units: 

•Library of Business, Medicine and Social Sciences; 

•Library of Faculty of Law; 

•Library of Laboratory of Caucasus Geopolitical Modeling; 

•Library of Management of Conflicts and Peace Processes; 

•Library of Human Security Research Center; 

•Library of Career Development Center; 

•Video-Library and Hall of Film Center; 

Library is equipped with a reading room, book inventory, e-cards for readers and event log designed for 86 readers according to the appropriate number of students and teachers.

The University Library is open Monday to Friday, 46 hours a week.

Library working hours: 

Monday to Friday: from 10-00 A.M to 18-00 P.M 

On Saturdays: from 10-00 A.M to 16-00 P.M


Faculty of Business



Faculty of Law



Faculty of Medicine



Faculty of Social Sciences


Georgian Language Preparation Course

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Facilities for everyone


Hostel facility for students is also available. These facilities are made available as per the requirement of the students. Accommodation for students is very comfortable and upto the European life stands.

It is our great pleasure to announce to students that we have started to accept Applications for 2018 session Academic year for Undergraduate, Master and Preparatory Medium. To apply fill in our Online Application form on our website and send clear scanned copies of your credentials. We enable you to pick the program of your choice and you are guaranteed to get an admission in any of the National universities that offer your chosen course.

Types of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Georgia.

1) University – bachelor, master and doctoral programs  
2) Teaching university – bachelor and master programs
3) Colleges – bachelor and higher professional education programs

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