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Ilia State University


Ilia State University is the first university in Georgia to introduce principles of liberal education. An established form for North American elite universities, it provides the students with opportunity to take considered decisions while choosing their future profession.

Ilia State University non-degree programmes provide an opportunity to develop professionally while equipping students with necessary practical skills for their professional careers.

Description of the Program

Tuition covers Ilia State University’s non-degree higher education programmes for at least 6 terms (for 180 credit programmes) and at least 4 terms (for 120 credit programmes). Students should acquire at least 30 credits per semester. 

Programmes cover both theoretical and practical study. Graduates will be awarded with a diploma certifying that they have completed a professional higher education programme. 

Non-degree programmes are completed by a presentation of a final thesis / final product or an examination. The final thesis or product should be finalized during the last term of the study. In the field of applied arts the final thesis should be done in two parts – practical and theoretical allowing students to prove both their skills and academic knowledge.

Ilia State University offers the following non-degree programmes:

College of Arts and Sciences

•    Clothes, shoes and fabric design

•    Goldsmith 

•    Monumental painting – ceramics and stained glass windows

•    Computer graphics and design

•    Monument protection and rehabilitation

•    TV directing

•    Video editing

•    Camera

•    TV journalism

•    Acting

•    Stage Design

•    Theater directing

•    IT for banking

•    Management of protected territories

College of Business

•    Hotel management

•    Tourist tour operating

•    Excursion guiding

•    Tourism management

College of Sports

•    Sports management

•    Coaching in group and individual sports

Bachelor Degree

Ilia State University is the first higher education institution in Georgia to offer bachelors degree programs based on liberal arts education principles. The University aims at equipping students with broad knowledge, interdisciplinary views, and the ability learning efficiently and analyze information. In addition, ISU provides bachelors courses that allow students to gain a deep and profound knowledge in the discipline chosen by students.

The Bachelors degree studies enable students to pursue qualified employment at the job market and explore carrier growth possibilities. The bachelor’s degree also prepares students for the next stage of their education if they wish a master ’s degree. 

The Bachelor’s degree program is designed so that the students are able to develop liberal values, skills needed for intellectual and ethical evaluation of events in order to prepare students not only for their future career but also for the personal and social involvement and responsibilities.

The University offers a wide spectrum of Bachelor’s Degree Programs allowing for academic freedom and choice at ISU.

Description of the Bachelor’s Degree Programs

A bachelors degree requires 240 credits. The Academic year consists of 2 terms – Fall and Spring. 30 credits can be accumulated every term, therefore, a student can graduate in 8 semesters if he/she is able to cope with the normal workload. After gaining no less than 240 credits and complying with other requirements of academic departments, a student is awarded with the Bachelor’s Degree.

A student is supposed to accumulate the credits according to the following scheme: 

General Module – 60 credits,

Courses required by the Major program chosen by the student – at least 120 credits

Courses required by a Minor program or free elective courses – 60 credits.

General Module

Presentation and writing skills, communication skills, and effective group work skills are immensely valued at the ever changing job market. Therefore, Ilia State University has developed a required general module, which is aimed at training students with these skills and therefore, is a basis for any professional career. The general module comprises of:

•    Principles of Modern Thought

•    English Language

•    Mathematics

•    Academic Writing

•    Presentation, Discussion and Communication Skills

•    Computer Course, etc 

Participation in the Research Process

Students are not required to participate in a research project or activity while working on their bachelor’s degree, however if they do participate, students may gain credit for it. For instance, if student works as an assistant at a lab or department library he or she may receive up to 5 credits for the work.

Senior Thesis and Examinations

A bachelor’s degree requires Senior Thesis and/or a Bachelor Examination.

The senior Thesis is prepared during the last term. Students should be able to demonstrate not only adequate knowledge in the field of study but also a good academic writing ability.

Major Programs

Students at the Ilia State University decide on their Major as well as Minor in the beginning of their sophomore year, i.e. second year.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Science offers  23 Majors and 26 Minors that are united into 5 fields:

1.    Natural Sciences

2.    Humanities and Foreign Languages

3.    Education

4.    Philosophy and Social Sciences

5.    Liberal Sciences.

Students cannot chose their Major and Minor programme from the same field. 

Colleges of Business and Law

This College aims at training successful business administrators and specialists in the legal sphere, who will be able to work in corporate, academic, private, public and non-governmental sectors both nationally and internationally. The Programme in Business requires the completion of 180 credits, with the law program requiring 120.

College of Engineering

The College offers three Major programmes leading to Bachelor of Arts Degree in:

1.    Architecture,

2.    Building Constructions

3.    Computer Sciences

Every major requires the completions of 120 credits.

College of Sports

The College of Sports offers to major programmes:

•    Teaching of Sports requiring 240 credits for completion

•    Individual and Group Coaching, requiring 180 credits

Both programmes lead  to BA in Sports.

Master Programs at Ilia State University

Master Program in Public Administration

International Relations and Regional Studies


Social Work

Education Administration 

Education Research

Basic/Secondary School Teacher  

School Psychologist, Psychological Consultancy

Theory and Practice of Inclusive Education 

Medieval Studies 


Christian Theology

Comparative Typological Study of Languages and Pragmatics of Translation 


German Philology

Romanic Studies

Applied Foreign Languages and International Negotiations/Economics

Comparative Literary Criticism


Experimental High Energy Physics 

Modern Mathematics and their Application

Theoretical Physics


Soviet and Post Soviet Research


Anthropology of Politics

Integrative Neurosciences

Molecular Sciences


Forest Resources

Natural Resources

Code of Practice for Doctoral Students

Ilia State University Code of Practice is a compilation of various documents developed to regulate the entire PhD study and research process. Serving as a frame of reference for “good practices” The Code is meant to be a tool of effective communication between a PhD student, a supervisor  and a research institution;

The corpus of documents within Ilia State University Code of Practice includes:

     Regulations of the Dissertation Council and PhD Studies of the Ilia State University

     PhD Research Project Proposal

     The Graduate Course Description (Main characteristics and course approval procedures)

     PhD Program/Curriculum Outline

     PhD Program/Curriculum (Instructions)

     Individual plan template for  PhD students

     Report (Recommended template)

     PhD Colloquium (Syllabus template)Outline

     The Rule on Plagiarism

     Faculty Self-Evaluation

     Supervisor’s  Guide

     PhD Handbook

     ISU Style

     Accreditation Standards

Regulations for the Dissertation Council and PhD Studies of the Ilia State University

The following regulations set out the definitions and standards for the PhD studies at Ilia State University and define the duties and responsibilities of all institutional units tied to the PhD process.

This document also defines the admission requirements, criteria and procedure for the eligibility for the award of a PhD degree. It provides the guidelines for the doctoral thesis evaluation and defense states the formal appeal and grievance procedure

PhD Research Project Proposal

Dissertation Research Project (Prospectus) is a preliminary draft on the subject matter of the prospective research  which outlines the entire research process. The recommended format of the document  provides guidelines for structuring a research proposal, and shapes such basic units of the structure as an introduction,  literature review, methodology, research topics, research budget, etc. .

The Graduate Course Description (Main characteristics and course approval procedures)

The document aims to define the main characteristics and requirements of graduate courses at Ilia State University.Namely, it provides guidelines for developing graduate-level course  stating the course objectives, workload, expectations, assignments and policies and gives a list of basic structural elements.

It also covers the course approval procedure.

PhD Program/Curriculum

PhD Program Curriculum is recommendation template  developed for all the University graduate programs. All the main structural elements of a program are included in the template. 

PhD Program/Curriculum (Instructions)

This document  serves as a guideline for the development of  a PhD program and identifies the information relevant for the complete description  of a program . Namely, the document prompts a focus on  the duration and  structure of a program, definition for a study and research fields; the purpose of a program, its objectives  outcomes and employment opportunities. Also, the document  defines program requirements and assessment criteria, as well as give a list of all the  faculty members involved in the program.

All the prospective PhD programs are expected be developed in compliance with the recommendations and instructions listed in the template to be approved  by of the Ilia State University Academic Council.

Individual plan template for  PhD students

Certified courses

Ilia State University and Eurasia Management House Joint Programs in Management, Description

Program in Enterprise Development

Georgian National Corporate Leadership Program

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the biggest Academic Colleges at the Ilia State University.  Studying here will be exciting for anyone who:

•    Likes literature, art, theatre and music.

•    Wants to understand modern political, social and cultural events in the world.

•    Wants to study language, history and traditions of foreign countries.

•    Is interested in becoming more familiar with the natural world around them.

•    Wants to become a teacher and participate in training the youth.

•    Has not yet made a decision on the future profession and prefers to receive a broader knowledge of academics.

The aim of the College of Arts and Sciences is to give general knowledge to students, equip them with interdisciplinary viewpoint, skills to learn, understanding of diversity in academics, and make competent analysis promptly. In addition, students are also equipped with a deeper understanding of the field they chose. Therefore, curriculum here is based on the principles of liberal education, incorporating free decision making, which, in turn represents the basis for a thoughtful choice of future professions and in future success.

The College of Arts and Sciences respects the academic freedom of students. During the first two semesters students take general classes, such as Principles of Modern Thought, Academic Writing, Presentation, Communication and Discussion Skills, etc. Then, they can choose one or two fields of interest and acquire a deeper knowledge during the next 6 semesters and gain a Bachelor’s Degree.

The College offers a variety of degree and non-degree professional training programs. The College’s bachelor’s degree gives students an opportunity to be competitive on the job market – every third student finds a job while still studying for the degree. The College also prepares their students for the next stage of their higher education

University Admissions

In addition to your application submitted to NCEQE, applicants apply for a program of their choice to ISU as well. Hence, we suggest that you inquire as much detailed information as possible on a specific program of your interest first at ISU, the  requirements for enrollment and so forth and then apply for an admission and registration of your application at NCEQE since one of the documents required by NCEQE is a proof of acceptance as a student by a higher education institution. You must apply directly to ISU and register your application at NCEQE. Individual schools and program contacts will gladly supervise you in this process. 


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It is our great pleasure to announce to students that we have started to accept Applications for 2018 session Academic year for Undergraduate, Master and Preparatory Medium. To apply fill in our Online Application form on our website and send clear scanned copies of your credentials. We enable you to pick the program of your choice and you are guaranteed to get an admission in any of the National universities that offer your chosen course.

Types of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Georgia.

1) University – bachelor, master and doctoral programs  
2) Teaching university – bachelor and master programs
3) Colleges – bachelor and higher professional education programs

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